Cucumber - Green Gem
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Cucumber - Green Gem

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This is an Australian grown disease resistant Cucumber seed. These are heirloom seeds.
This is a very high yielding cucumber that has a strong disease resistance to powdery mildew and other common cucumber diseases.
It is open-pollinated so it requires bees, bugs or hand pollination.
This is a fast growing vine and can be started indoors. Grows well in a container or greenhouse.
These seeds can be planted in warmer months in all Australian climate zones but please take the location, altitude and setting of your garden into consideration when planting as we don't all have ideal conditions.
These seeds can be started indoors during all but the coldest months in most climate ranges and grow well in a planter or greenhouse.
Grow in good quality soil or potting mix for best results and please note that many "average" potting mixes you can buy will significantly stunt a plants growth.
Growing instructions are included in the pack but these are general instructions - they are not specific to your personal location or setting.

**Cannot post to Western Australia**